EVOKE is an award-winning, multi-player online educational experience, which uses storytelling, game mechanics, and social networks, to prepare young people to become social innovators who create solutions that address global ‘grand challenges’ (e.g., displacement, hunger, poverty, water scarcity). The Evoke project is designed to support young people as they develop an understanding of these complex challenges, acquire 21st century skills (e.g., creativity, collaboration, critical reflection), socio-emotional skills (e.g., curiosity, empathy, generosity), and gain the confidence to experiment, collaborate, and create innovative solutions. Conceived and coordinated by Robert Hawkins, EVOKE has been played in three languages by student groups in over 100 countries over since 2010.

EVOKE CORE is an implementation of the Evoke game, using Moodle as an engine, together with new plugin code that expands the learning and play experience.

Knowledge Base


Platform, architecture, plugins, infrastructure and much more. This is the starting point for computer nerds 👩🏻‍💻

Game Mechanics

Learn everything about points, badges, leaderboards, voting, missions, chapters and much more. Ready, player 1?

User Experience

User journey, interface standards, design documentation and heuristics used to make Evoke a gamified experience.