Table of contents


An Evokation is the final project developed by an Evoke agent. With the Evokation, agents can share their creations with the world. Is is developed along the journey within the campaign, with each mission being a parte of the whole puzzle.


<The Evokation Name>

<Evokation Symbol, Logo, or Slogan>

The Community

Global Connections:  <Describe how the global problem is connected to your community>

Community Challenges:  <Describe the particular challenges faced by the community you wish to impact>

Community Profile:  <Describe the person or persons you most want to help>

The Problem

Problem Statement <a clear statement of the problem that the team plans to address including constraints and possibilities>

Global Connections: <describe how the problem connects to the global grand challenge>

Community Challenge Link:  <describe how the problem addresses community challenges>

Your World Changing Idea

Vision <describe your vision of a better world>

Solution <describe the solution>

Overcoming Constraints <identify challenges or risks and how you will overcome them>

Solution Metrics <describe how you will measure success.  Don’t forget the human dimensions such as inclusion and voice>

Solution Execution <describe the first three steps you need to take to put your idea into action>

Resource Needs and Funding Strategies <describe the top 5 areas where you need resources and resources needed to execute 6 months of your Evokation>

Your Prototype  <share a prototype of your idea — this could include a drawing of your idea, a mock up, a graphic, or a picture of what you have imagined>

Communicate your vision

Your one sentence idea <your idea in one sentence>

Elevator Pitch <link to video containing the problem, your solution, who you will impact and how you will measure that impact>  

Your Network <list of those key partners and mentors who will help you with your idea>

The Team

Roles and Responsibilities: <describe the key role and responsibility of each team member>


<all of the relevant sites and references that you found including any photos you wish to include>