Game Mechanics


Agents are the participants of an Evoke Campaign. They are, usually, students and innovators seeking to change the world with their own hands.


Every action an agent does in Evoke is collaborative. Groups are the driving force behind problem solving, voting and even Evokations.

Threat Level

The Threat Level acts just like the Doomsday Clock, stirring the Campaign pot by adding unpredicted events that increases the challenge for each Mission.


The storyline is the background to the Campaign. It usually is composed by multimedia content (Graphic Novels, video, audios, books etc) and sets the tone to the whole journey.


A Campaign is a set of missions with a common thematic background. Usually, agents join a campaign and, then, solve the missions to earn points.


Activities are atomic problems agents need to solve in order to get points and, eventually, solve the larger problem posed by the Campaign.


Missions are challenges presented to the agents in order to develop their Social Innovation skills. Missions have activities and need to be solved.


Points are the raw material that agents earn when they submit evidences to missions. Points can lead to badges and Evocoins.


An Evokation is the final project developed by an Evoke agent. With the Evokation, agents can share their creations with the world.